Activate Speakers

Activate is proud to present these incredible women sharing transformational stories and game-changing techniques that will guide you to partner with God to create massive impact and growth. Get ready to Activate your Soul!

Main Stage

Anne Beiler

Auntie Anne Beiler is a Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur

Thais Eliasen

A Public Relations Professional, and a firm believer that dreams do come true with lots of work and the right strategy.

Michelle Schaffer

CEO & Founder of Girl Power Alliance

Amanda Pittman

Keynote Speaker, Author, Blogger, and Mother of 2!

Michelle Thielen

Keynote Speaker, Author, and Founder of YogaFaith

Molly Trotter-Gomez

Co-Founder, Growth Strategist of Girl Power Alliance & On-Camera Confidence Coach

Farras Seay

Co-Founder, Social Media Manager, and Content/Marketing Director of Girl Power Alliance

Activate will be next level everything!

From the world-class speakers, to the industry leading trainers to the award winning cuisine and entertainment. This is an event you will not soon forget. God has promised to Activate something in each woman’s heart and in the Kingdom.

Breakout Speakers

LaToya Early

Topic: Scaling, Helping Women build to $6B

Maressa Crivella

Topic: Emotional Intelligence

Jessie Harris-Bouton

Topic: The R.U.S.H. Revolution

Michelle Tascoe

Topic: Financial Coach

Natalie Lawson & Brandie Thomas

Topic: Network Marketing & Faith

Molly Trotter-Gomez

Topic: On-Camera Confidence

Farras Seay

Topic: The Seay Method

3-Days to Grow aligned with Kingdom-Focused Women in Business.

This is the place where Christian women can gather, connect and grow together. Align yourself with ambitious women who will pray with and for you. Learn and grow as we stand together, taking our place in the kingdom and the marketplace